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Our story

We are the official Democratic Party here in the Southeast Valley: Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, & Southeast Mesa (LD15)

Our Story

We began mid-2022 with two people and a vision. Then, three people, then four, and then a core team. We built the foundation we needed to grow: the organizing infrastructure, the tools, and the relationships.


We brought like-minded neighbors together. We built partnerships inside and outside our community. We established systems to train and empower like-minded neighbors to build and lead strong hyperlocal teams.


By coming together, we will begin to rebuild and repair our community to create a sense of belonging for everybody. We are creating a movement to shape our community to be safer, more welcoming, and affirming for every body.


Freedom to make reproductive choices

Freedom to drink clean water & breathe clean air

Freedom to read, learn, & get an accurate education

Freedom from weapons of war in our schools

Freedom to live authentically as you are

Freedom to stay healthy without going broke

Freedom of religion & freedom from religion

Freedom from "big tech" privacy violations online

Freedom to vote and choose our leaders

We dream of a future where people have the freedoms that matter in their daily lives. We dream of a community that is more welcoming and safe for every body.

We are rooted in a solid foundation of these unwavering values:

The values that drive us

We show up. In our community. At our school boards. In our state legislature. At the local town hall (and the one we'll build). At the tables. On your ballots. 

We advocate for our community and every body who lives here. For fairness. For equality. For every body.

We believe any citizen can make an impact. No one is alone. We reach out. We pull together. We win.

What We Do

How we organize

Neighborhood Teams

Our most important organizers are at the neighborhood level. All organizing is based on relationships, and neighborhood connections are always the strongest.

Community Teams

Our community teams support our neighborhood teams. They use their local knowledge and local relationships to provide training, support, and resources to our neighborhood leaders.

Training & Support Team

Our community-wide team provides support and training to volunteers and organizers across the Southeast Valley. Our job is to remove barriers, provide training, and get out of the way to let you do what is effective.

Functional Teams

Most volunteers have specific tasks that they love and some that they don't. We encourage volunteers to focus on the tasks that match their skillsets, interests, and personality. We encourage you to find activities that re-energize you and make you feel excited.

These teams provide task-specific support to our neighborhood teams like canvassing, phonebanking, textbanking, and more.

Comms Team

Our communications and digital organizing volunteers help spread the word, bring visibility to key issues, and work to convert online engagement into real world action.

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Ryunosuke Satoro, poet

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