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Who we are

We are your local Democratic Party in Legislative District 15, which spans Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, and Southeast Mesa.

Linda, Alan, Theresa

Southeast Mesa Team

Southeast Mesa Dems

Linda D has created a vibrant, active Southeast Mesa Team. Join them on the first Saturday of the month for a fun mid-morning hangout. Throughout the month, they engage in postcarding and other voter outreach.

Barb, Nolan, Dawn

Queen Creek Team

Queen Creek Dems

Our Queen Creek team is divided into teams that are organizing the downtown QC area and several QC neighborhoods. Connect with your neighbors today.

Mike, Denise, Debi

Eastmark Area Team

Eastmark Dems

In and around Eastmark, neighborhood groups and organizers have brought a large number of Dems together for both social and organizing activities. 


San Tan Valley Team

San Tan Valley Dems

Join our San Tan Valley group on the first Tuesday of every month for a fun, casual Happy Hour with like-minded locals. 

Our Community Teams

Canvassing in Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, and Southeast Mesa

Jeff, Nolan, Alan

Knocks doors & coordinates canvassing wherever they are needed. Can you help knock some doors or drive a canvasser?

Door Knocking Team
Dem Party Events

Linda, Paula

Our Events Team coordinates events from happy hours to house parties to fundraisers. Can you host a house party or another event?

Events Team
Local Dems data volunteers

Dawn, Nolan, Robyn

Our Data Team ensures our organizers are reaching exactly the right voters at the right time. Do you love numbers, spreadsheets, and data? Join us.

Data Team
Textbanking in the Southeast Valley Dems

Dawn, Nolan

Join a textbanking happy hour, party, or anytime action. Help us organize the fastest growing legislative district in America.

Textbanking Team
Postcarding for Southeast Valley Dems

Linda, Janet

Handwritten postcards and letters are effective ways to reach, register, & mobilize voters and volunteers. Can you pitch in?

Postcarding Team
Tabling: voter registration and gathering petition signatures

Barb, Dawn

Gather signatures to get Democratic candidates and ballot initiatives on the ballot, and help register voters. 

Tabling Team
Research volunteersfor local Democrats

Alex, Dawn

Information is power. Our Research Team makes sure we have the info we need at the tip of our fingers.

Research Team
Digital organizing volunteers in the Southeast Valley

Dawn, Linda R, Cori

Build a strong online presence and convert digital connections into real world activism.

Digital Organizing Team
Phonebanking Dems in the Southeast Valley

coming soon, currently obtaining tech tools for phonebanking

Yes, old school phone calls are still one of the most effective ways to reach voters. Let's make some calls. Are you in?

Phonebanking Team
volunteer welcome team for new Dems in the Southeast Valley

Barb, Linda

Welcomes new attendees and volunteers. Makes sure everyone feels included at our events. Send welcome messages to new Dem voters.

Welcome Team
Support for Dem candiddates in the Southeast Valley

Alan, Dawn, Debi

In addition to recruiting candidates, we recruit volunteers to support candidate campaigns. 

Candidate Support

Our Functional Teams

Our Board

Our Board members serve solely in a voluntary capacity.

We believe that leading a great group of volunteers is a privilege. We believe that it's our job to set you up for success and do our best to remove barriers.

We believe that when we do a good job of training and coaching volunteers and we trust and empower them, our volunteers will do great things. 

We volunteer to support and empower you.





First Vice Chair

Linda Drysdale



Second Vice Chair




Theresa Ryan




Debi Plum


Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Ryunosuke Satoro, poet

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