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AZ Republic Calls Out Jake "Troll Farm" Hoffman (R-MAGA, Queen Creek)

Arizona Republic Columnist Laurie Roberts called out our very own Arizona state Senator Jake "Fake Elector" Hoffman this weekend for his hypocrisy.

Hoffman has been under fire for years for running a "troll farm" that spreads misinformation and Russian propaganda. As part of the criminal conspiracy to overturn our votes, Hoffman signed his name to a fraudulent document where he falsely claimed to have been elected by Arizona's voters to cast an electoral college vote for Donald Trump.

Yet, he rejected a nominee to head the Arizona Department of Housing for a common practice that he is calling plagiarism: The practice of using shared language within the advocacy community.

Hoffman's own company, Rally Forge, uses the exact same practice to spread misinformation. When the Washington Post wrote an article about Rally Forge, Hoffman responded, “Every working team within my agency works out of dozens of collaborative documents every day, as is common with all dynamic marketing agencies or campaign phone banks for example.”

Read Laurie Roberts full article here.


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