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Early Birds FTW: Why The When Matters For The Win

Updated: Jan 4

The amount we give matters, and when we give matters more.

You might not know that Emily isn't a person—it's an acronym (at least in the context of politics): Early Money Is Like Yeast. This acronym comes from the early days of the dot[com] world and made its way into the lexicon of politics back then with Emily's List.

Early money is like yeast because it makes things rise and grow.

Politicians often talk about early money signaling the seriousness or viability of a candidate, but early money is much more important than the optics of viability.

Every dollar raised expands our capacity to organize, which does not just add to our reach—it multiplies our reach.

Organizational reach creates more organizational reach, which creates even more organizational reach, and so on. It's like that old shampoo commercial: You tell two friends, and then they tell two friends, and then they tell two friends....

Let's combine the concept of that old shampoo commercial with politics: Because Election Day is the hardest of deadlines, starting early for elections is not like starting early on other projects. The earlier we tell those first two friends who tell their two friends, the larger our total number of friends will be by Election Day.

The earlier we start, the higher our numbers on Election Day, which is everything.

Volunteers are exactly like those friends in the shampoo commercial—or Wayne's World. They tell two friends, and then they tell two friends, and then they tell two friends.

Through our Dem2Dem program, volunteers mobilize more volunteers who mobilize more volunteers and so on. When ballots drop, all of our volunteers chase ballots and drive get out the vote efforts. The more volunteers we have by ballot drop, the more votes we can mobilize by Election Day.

Here in our district, geography is our enemy. Many of our Dem targets live behind gates, don't answer their doors, don't include phone numbers in their voter registration, or won't pickup phone calls from unknown numbers.

The best way to reach many of our potential volunteers and voters is first class mail with handwritten postcards or hand-addressed envelopes and real stick-on first class stamps.

In 2023, we won the Arizona Attorney General race by only 280 votes. Our district is the fastest growing district in America—in the entire country. We have the most unregistered voters in Arizona. We need to reach "likely volunteers" right now.

We can register enough voters and raise enough Democratic turnout in our fast-growing district to secure Arizona's presidential race and Arizona's U.S. Senate race. We need manpower and money. Which can you help with?

With manpower and money, we can reach, register, and mobilize Dem voters to secure Arizona's presidential race and Arizona's U.S. Senate race. Which can you help with?

D15 Dems is an all volunteer organization. Every dollar you contribute goes directly toward electing more Democrats.


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