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Textbank with Us

Scale to Win is the textbank platform we use that allows our textbankers to send peer-to-peer texts to voters and volunteers without using their own phones and phone numbers.


Creating your account is easy. Just click here, then enter your name and contact info. Choose an "alias" (usually just your first name) that you'll go by when texting.

2. Send an email letting us know you're ready to text.

Send an email to to let us know you've created a textbank account. One of our volunteer organizers will need to approve your textbanking account and send you an invitation to our Slack workspace.

3. Join our Slack workspace.

From our Slack workspace, you can join our textbanks with just a click. We launch new campaigns several times each week.


Be sure to download the app to get notifications on your phone when campaigns are launched. 

If you need help getting started.

We have Support & Hours every Sunday (virtual) & Tuesday (in person) to help people get started.

We also host a Virtual Postcard & Textbank party every Sunday afternoon where we help people get started and also just hang out and have fun.

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Invest in voter turnout

In 2022, we won a statewide race by only 270 votes. Help us reach and mobilize voters in America's fastest growing legislative district.

Help us protect the hope. Invest in protecting democracy.

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