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new residents in Queen Creek over 10 years


new residents in San Tan Valley over 10 years


of new residents migrated from deep blue regions


voters decided the closest statewide AZ race in 2022


Arizona's Fifteenth Legislative District Map

We are the teachers in your neighborhood schools. The mechanic around the corner. The checkout clerk at your favorite ice cream shop. That really helpful lady you look for at the bank.


We're volunteering together, building friendships, and creating a sense of safety and belonging in our community for every body.

Together, we are shaping a better future for all.

Queen Creek Democrats Happy Hour in LD15
Register voters in the Southeast Valley Legislative District 15

In 2022, we won statewide races by razor thin margins, including one race won by 280 votes out of 3.5 million ballots cast.

By registering the blue-leaning new residents in the Southeast Valley, we can secure Arizona's statewide elections.

Register 2,000 
voters by Nov 2026

Join us in supporting candidates who believe children should have the freedom to read and get an accurate education. Women should have the freedom to determine what happens to their own bodies. Teachers should have the freedom to teach accurate history. Workers should have the freedom to bargain for wages that keep up with inflation. 

Protect our freedoms

San Tan Valley Democrats in LD15

It only takes a moment to log onto the Arizona Secretary of State website and donate $5.

Help Barb B. qualify for funding

Our state legislative candidates can turn $5 into $53,000

Candidates who agree not to take special interest or large donations can qualify for "clean" campaign funding by gathering individual donations of $5 each.

Shaping a community where every body can belong

MAGA Republicans want you to believe you're alone—a blue dot floating in a sea of red. In fact, you are surrounded by like-minded neighbors.

The explosive growth of the Southeast Valley is transforming little blue dots into a river of blue that's transforming our community.

Southeast Mesa Democrats Luncheon in LD15

With your help, we can collect enough signatures to place an Arizona Constitutional Amendment on the November 2024 ballot to protect the freedom for every women to decide when to start a family.

Help get reproductive freedom on the ballot

We do not have a government by the majority. We have a government by the majority who participate.

Thomas Jefferson

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Defend hope.

Election after election, whether we win or lose, knowing we can always choose new leaders tomorrow keeps hope alive.

Help us protect the hope. Invest in protecting democracy.

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